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I have a really bad tooth ache and it is a cavity, any home remedies to stop the pain?

help in pain!

I have a really bad tooth ache and it is a cavity, any home remedies to stop the pain?
Aspirin and an ice pack. And get yourself to the dentist ASAP.
Reply:Orajel, you will no longer feel the pain. And make an appointment immediately.

You can also invest in a home filling kit to tide you over until your appointment. These can be purchased at most drugstores.

warm wet teabag.

hair dryer --may need to use finger to hold open one side of jaw.

Any dentists out there? I have a tooth ache, think i might need a root kennel. Tooth looks fine, but hurts as?


Any dentists out there? I have a tooth ache, think i might need a root kennel. Tooth looks fine, but hurts as?

Reply:I think you mean root canal. I'm not a dentist, but if it hurts that badly, get it checked out.
Reply:You will have to start with an x-ray to see what the problem is -whether it is a cavity,infection??

How do i stop a tooth ache without going to the dentist?

Clove oil as a natural remedy, or Ambusol if you do not care whether or not it is a natural cure. You just have to put a drop where the pain is.

If you have lost a filling, there is a temporary filling you can buy over the counter as well.

How do i stop a tooth ache without going to the dentist?
you take a depon is a Greek medicine
Reply:I think the only solution to be able to stop it permanently on your own would be to pull it out. I'm sure that wouldn't be first on your list, especially if it is a molar!! I think it would be best to go to the dentist. That way you will get it fixed permanently.
Reply:Probably can't - unless the tooth ache is on the top teeth, and you also have a sinus infection (cold, flu etc) ... that can cause tender teeth.
Reply:Make an appointment to go to the dentist, Then usually your tooth will stop bothering you, this usually works
Reply:Some quick fix ideas could include orajel, and cloves just pop a clove near teh tooth and let it hang out, it kinda makes you drool but numbs the area enough. Dont procrastinate too long on teh dentist i did and needed it pulled when they said tehy could have simply cleaned and filled it and I would have been fine so remember once your tooth is gone, it doesnt grow back.
Reply:You can try Ambasol and ice pack on the outside of your face where it hurts.Hope you feel better.

Amasol or Oragel will numb the pain.Ask your pharmacist where it's at.It will be in a tube.
Reply:For years I tried to do this. It is futile. I used so much motrin I am now allergic to it. Do not try this on your own but find a dentist to help you. You might be able to stop the pain for a short time but it will just come back because you didn't deal with the problem.
Reply:Pull the tooth out?

Seriously, take some aspirin with codeine or some other strong painkiller.
Reply:just go to the dentist cause your tooth may get worse and then the cost will be more expensive and definetly do not try and pull your own tooth


How do u cure a tooth ache?

go to;%26gt;

How do u cure a tooth ache?
go to dentist he will do it
Reply:A Dentist for starters :)
Reply:you either need a filling or a root canal. your dentist can determine what is going on. in the meantime, take some advil
Reply:go to the dentist or if you to cheap use oralgel
Reply:sleep or sex sex cures everything
Reply:Dear Juan acun,

I would recommend that you see a dentist. However, in the mean time, you can take baby aspirin and let it melt against the sore tooth. Do not drink any extremely hot or extremely cold drinks because that will irritate the nerves in the bad tooth. I know that you must eat but try to chew your food away from the sore tooth. "And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free."
Reply:brushing your teeth more often maybe sometimes that's not the problem though.
Reply:pul it out yourself dull the pain with oil of cloves
Reply:put rum on it
Reply:an application of oil of cloves always helps
Reply:Use oral gel.
Reply:go to the pharmacy, they have this tooth-paste-like gel, once you put it on the toothache, it'll numb it temporarily.
Reply:Okay, I kid you not, soak cotton wool in neat whiskey, gin, vodka OR Bacardi and hold it over the affected tooth. (Make sure cotton wool is well soaked. Great for pain relief.
Reply:Take hydrogen peroxide in your mouth. A 50% mix would be good. Pressurize your mouth and then create a vacuum. Do this several times. Listerine will also work, but not as well. I had a tooth ache a week ago. I cannot get in to see a dentist for about 3 weeks. This worked for me. I do it every night before I go to bed.

What is good for a tooth ache?

yes i am going to the dentist , but for now what can i do.theard salt water might work.

What is good for a tooth ache?
salt water rinse


ice pack

Reply:check out the local drugstore for oral anesthestics. like orajel or something.
Reply:a visit at your dentist!

a smile

Reply:put aspirn on it
Reply:A leaf of a cocaine plant. Back in the days before people misused the plant native indians from various parts of the south america used this plant to numb that specific part of the jaw. Good luck in finding one and i am not sure of the side
Reply:Crush an aspirin and rub it on your tooth!!!!!!! It has worked for me many times as the pain killer contained soaks into the exposed nerve ending and will give you peace FAST - I hope this helps.
Reply:toothaches come from bacteria that is surrounding the tooth and gums so the best thing to do that will alleviate the pain is to rinse with listerene before u brush and again after you brush and to do this as many times as you can....also try orajel...maximum feels good when it goes on and u get a nummy and cant feel the pain as much....when all else fails take alot of tylenol, advil or aleve.
Reply:i would say asprin like all the others. you could try clove oil it tastes vile though but its good you can buy it from the chemist. get into the dentist asap
Reply:take a pain killer... any pain killer should help be careful of the aspirin on your tooth it might burn your gum or cheek if not done properly.

call your dentist or get one fast, orajel might help temporarily but if your tooth is hurting you might have a cavity wich might need root canal and you dont want it to blow up one day and have half your face swollen with pus (not a nice sight). or you might have an infection surrounding the tooth wich needs antibiotics.

Is it normal for a tooth ache to be very sensitive to the cold?

That might not be an ache as much as it might be a sensitivity. Sensadyne tooth paste might help. But go to dentist and let him do x-rays and then tell you.

Is it normal for a tooth ache to be very sensitive to the cold?
yes its normal
Reply:yes it is. because like me, you have very sensitive teeth.

God Bless!
Reply:yes it is
Reply:absolutely. and absolutely painful! try using toothpaste for sensitive teeth.
Reply:yes! it can be sensitive to heat and cold.....even to sweets or anything you are eating.
Reply:yes when you have a toothache,sensitivity is normal... im sorry but when you have sensitivity to hot and or cold water when you have a toothache in most cases it means you need a root canal..they will take an x ray first to determine that is whats needed..try calling your dentist in the morning first thing to schedule an emergency appointment to take care of the tooth, they will see you that day and get you out of pain...nobody should have to deal with that pain...feel better:)
Reply:Yes, I'm not exactly sure why, but I think that when your tooth hurts anyway, it just can't tolerate anything more
Reply:Don't worry about the problem u face. u must practice of brushing twice a day 1 at after bed and another before bed. u have to use as much as possible neem leaves for gargling along with Luke warm water. Avoid sweets and very often eating habits.sheethtali and sheethakari a breathing exercises will help u to get red off ur dental problems.
Reply:Yes. Sensadyne toothpaste helps a lot but it works better over longer periods of time. Start using it now and you should feel better soon.
Reply:It is normal for a tooth to be sensitive to cold. It is not normal for one tooth to be especially painful or for the pain to last for a long time once the cold is removed (several minutes). It is also not normal for the tooth to be sensitive to hot. Sensitivity to cold does not automatically mean that you need a root canal, but you should see a dentist because having a cavity filled early could help to aviod a root canal.

How can i treat a tooth ache?

A dab of tea tree oil on the affected tooth and the pain will be gone. I broke a tooth and it got me by for a week until I could get to the dentist

How can i treat a tooth ache?
Try Oil of Cloves. You can buy it at a health-food store.
Reply:go to the store and buy orajel
Reply:You better let a dentist take care of that. but for emergency case take Ibuprofen 400mg every 4 hour (not in empty stomach)+Amoxicillin 500mg every 8hr.meanwhile visit a dentist.

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